SewerSolution® System, Boxed

The All-In-One AFFORDABLE Macerator System (1/3 the price of electric macerator systems plus no installation cost!)

PULVERIZES:  Water powered high velocity jet nozzle uses Shear Force to pulverize waste and toilet tissue

PUMPS:  Strong enough to pump up to 100 ft. or even 3 feet uphill (10′ max hose length).  Patented system uses the “Venturi Principal” with as little as 15 psi.

CLEANS:  Swivel jet nozzle cleans the whole system after dumping.  Cleans both upstream (valve/pipe/tank) and downstream (drain hose)

* Includes 10′ of 3/4″ smooth interior and non-kinking drain hose

* Easy to store in compact 14″ spool

* Requires fresh water connection for dumping

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Weight3.81 lbs
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