Sand Filter, 19″ W/1 HP Pump

Blue Devil™ sand filter & pump combos are designed for quick assembly, precise alignment of components.  Pump and filter are performance matched to provide maximum flow and energy efficiency.  Filter base is molded of polypropylene for long-lasting performance.  7-position valve provides maximum flow at low pressure drop filter valve functions:  1) Backwash for cleaning the filter sand bed of accumulated debris; 2) Rinse for use after completing backwash cycle to ensure all dirty water is rinsed from the filter to waste; 3) Waste by-passes the filter for draining or lowering pool water level and for vacuuming heavy debris directly to waste line; 4) Recirculates water through the valve, by-passing the filter; 5) Closed shuts off the flow from the pump to the filter; 6) Filter for normal filtering and regular vacuuming; 7) Winter for winterizing.

* 19″ Filter and 1 HP Pump

* 7 position valve

* Quick assembly

* Performance matched to provide maximum flow and energy efficiency

* Built for long-lasting performance

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