Pure Power Blue 2 in 1 Drop In, Single

Test out the new Pure Power Blue 2 in1 Drop In and see for yourself how easy it is to clean your toilet bowl and treat your waste tank with one simple to use product.  Drop the packet into the bowl and watch the effervescence and citric acid go to work.  Let it sit for 10 minutes before a quick swab and flush to treat the waste tank.  The RV is now ready for odor free use.  Pure Power Blue’s concentrated proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes stop all odors and keep the tank clean too!

*  Effervescent bowl cleaner and enzymatic tank treatment

*  High and low temperature odor control with a fresh and clean scent

*  Liquefies all waste and toilet paper

*  Cleans holding tank sensors and probes

*  Environmentally friendly

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