Heating Element, 50′

Self regulating heating cables are designed for recreational vehicle, residential and commercial applications.  Can be used for freeze protection on holding tanks, water supply lines, drain pipes, metal and plastic pipe up to 3″ in diameter as well as roof and gutter de-icing.  Used for pipes in unheated attics, garages and basements.  Can be used with water meters, outside pipes and taps.  Self-regulating design eliminates overheating.  Conductive core automatically adjusts heat output.  Features a waterproof polyolefin outer jacket for outdoor use.  Includes a lighted plug so you know when power is connected; no assembly required.  Pipe insulation can be used in conjunction with the heat cable in extreme temperatures.

*  Self-regulating heat – becomes warmer as temperature becomes colder

*  Lighted electrical plug

*  For indoor and outdoor use

*  ETS listed

Download instructions here: https://www.valterra.com/downloads/download-info/instructions-self-regulating-heating-cable/

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