SewerSolution® System, Boxed

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Product Description

The All-In-One AFFORDABLE Macerator System (1/3 the price of electric macerator systems plus no installation cost!)

PULVERIZES:  Water powered high velocity jet nozzle uses Shear Force to pulverize waste and toilet tissue

PUMPS:  Strong enough to pump up to 100 ft. or even 3 feet uphill.  Patented system uses the “Venturi Principal” with as little as 15 psi.

CLEANS:  Swivel jet nozzle cleans the whole system after dumping.  Cleans both upstream (valve/pipe/tank) and downstream (drain hose)

* Includes 10′ of 3/4″ smooth interior and non-kinking drain hose

* Easy to store in compact 14″ spool

* Requires fresh water connection for dumping

Additional Information

Weight 3.81 lbs

2 reviews for SewerSolution® System, Boxed

  1. Dave
    5 out of 5


    I used the Sewer Solution for several years. The parts are of high quality and it does an excellent job of emptying the black and gray water tanks. I bought it mainly to use at home, where it easily pumped the waste more than 30 feet to a sewer access port in my garage. This port was at least one foot higher than the RV sewer outlet and the Sewer Solution had no problems pumping it uphill. The only downside is that you need to have a source of water for it to work. This isn’t a problem at home or in a campsite, but can be quite problematic when pulling up to a dump station if it’s not equipped with a hose. If you can live with that limitation, it’s a well-engineered product for a very reasonable price.

  2. Mike
    5 out of 5


    If I could give this more stars, I would. Our motorhome has a very low sewer connection. Actually, if I would have realized that before we bought it, we wouldn’t have bought it. I had my last sewer struggle this past spring. I was looking into the costly sewer pumps, then I found Sewer Solution. Checked out reviews, and ordered myself one. I have used it pretty often this year. Our last trip, the sewer connection was about a foot out of the ground. No problem. Hooked up the Sewer Solution, and away it went. And since it was our last trip of the year, I flushed the tanks with the built in back wash feature, and for the first time, our sensors finally read empty. This is a great product at a great price that does what it is supposed to and does it with no more effort than hooking up a regular slinky.

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