When Installing or Making Repairs

Necessary adapter fittings and supply tubes are usually carried by the store where you made your faucet purchase. Instructions should be provided with these parts. Prior to buying fittings or adapters, you should measure what must be connected. All Phoenix threaded shanks are 1/2. iron pipe size (IPS). The distance to the wall or the floor lines should be measured. You also need to know the size of any fittings. Taking a sketch to the store salesman might be helpful.

Faucet Installation

  • Hand tightening is all that’s necessary for most faucet installations. However, you may need plumber’s putty, thread tape, and an allen wrench or screw driver for handles to complete a faucet installation.

For Repairs

  • Depending on what you’re doing, you might need any of the following:
    Allen wrench, Channel locks, Crescent wrench, Flat or Phillips head screwdriver, Pipe joint compound, pumber’s putty, soft cloth, and PTFE tape.


  • All plastic connections should be hand tightened only. DO NOT USE TOOLS. No sealant of any kind should be used between the tailpiece nut and the faucet shank.
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